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The Times, They are a-Changin'
Enter the 1960s

RJS Comics debuts a new title meant to appeal to changing tastes. It features Beryllium Man and The Over-Caffeinated Kid. In the debut issue, they stop in at a coffee house frequented by hipsters. The duo is well-liked at the establishment. The good times are cut short when Master Doughboy and his Muffin Men attack. Beryllium Man and the OCK foil the attack. It turns out the coffee house is a favorite of Pete Seeger. To show his gratitude, Seeger offers to fly Beryllium Man and the OCK to Newport as his special guests at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Mars Attacks! (?)

Colonel Kleeg of the Interstellar League meets with Star Ranger II aboard the Invisocruiser. The Colonel is disappointed that Star Ranger did not bring any tomatoes with the other fruits, but Kleeg is mightily pleased with the bananas. Kleeg warns Star Ranger that he is not allowed to interfere in local politics, such as taking sides in a war. “Local” means Earth’s entire Solar System, according to the code of the Interstellar League. Star Ranger tells Kleeg he respects the rules of the League, but will not stand idle if he witnesses injustice. Kleeg departs after a final warning.

A few days later the world is stunned by a radio broadcast from Mars! The Martians issue demands for Earth to surrender to Martian rule, and warn that a fleet of spaceships is en route to Earth. Star Ranger is suspicious, as he has been to Mars and seen no signs of life. Star Ranger and Roswell confer with the United Nations, then head into space aboard the Invisocruiser to intercept the Martian fleet. Shortly after leaving Earth orbit Star Ranger is warned by his ship’s systems to stand down. Star Ranger refuses, and all of the devices supplied by the Interstellar League shut down, including the cruiser’s life support. With oxygen levels slipping to zero, Star Ranger begins to fall unconscious. In this state he finds himself standing before the goddess Athena, who tells him Earth needs a champion to help stop the impending invasion. Athena tells Star Ranger to speak the word “Ahazam” to receive the power needed to act as that champion. He does, and is transformed into the Star Marvel, the Solar System’s Mightiest Mortal. Roswell and Star Marvel destroy the invasion fleet. In the process they learn the “Martians” are actually Grifterians, aliens from another section of the Milky Way known as galactic con artists. The Star Marvel returns to being Star Ranger once the crisis is past.

Sunset of the Rising Son
Dude...your boss is a monkey?

Star Ranger (II), Roswell , and Princess Mara fly to the Valley of the Golden City. They discover that Professor Tokugawa‘s men have captured Sea King and his advanced submarine, the Sea Ray. The Sea Ray is moored on the island of the City, and is being retrofitted. A factory on the shore across the lake has been constructed. A large submersible aircraft carrier, named the Rising Sun, is moored next to it. This factory is extracting astrium from metal ripped from the walls of buildings in the Golden City. As Star Ranger flies over for a closer look, he is contacted by Colonel Kleeg of the Interstellar League. Kleeg informs Star Ranger they will have a meeting in two weeks, and that he expects Star Ranger to bring a complete collection of Earth fruits for Kleeg to sample. Upon closer inspection, Star Ranger discovers the crew of the Sea Ray is working under some form of mind control on the sub. The factory is guarded by several small mechs. The Golden City has some small mechs, and one very large one. Star Ranger is discovered, and he flies back to Roswell and Princess Mara. The trio then returns to the City. Roswell makes an attack on the factory, while Star Ranger and Mara travel to the Sea Ray underwater. Roswell dispatches nearly a dozen mechs in short order. Four jets arrive overhead to aid Tokugawa’s forces, but are largely ineffective in the ensuing battle. Roswell heads to the City proper as Star Ranger and Mara emerge next to the Sea Ray. Mara is tasked with securing the safety of the crew, while Star Ranger and Roswell attack the mechs. The large mech’s pilot identifies itself as the Super Mega Warrior Garkozon, as Roswell grapples with it. Star Ranger is knocked out due to the sudden appearance of MalevoLance, who is seeking revenge on Freedom Guard for the death of his brother Day Knight. Roswell tosses the Garkozon across the lake into the Rising Sun, destroying both vehicles. This also kills the Garkozon’s pilot, Tokugawa Darkon, who was the son of Tokugawa and Mara’s evil aunt Llyran. Roswell then attacks MalevoLance hand-to-hand instead of with energy blasts, much to the energy-absorbing chagrin of MalevoLance. A rocket then launches from the island, which Roswell easily captures. It contains Dr. Julius Sivana, who had designed the mind-control device used on the crew of the Sea Ray. Professor Tokugawa is out of the area aboard the Musashi. Freedom Guard is able to restore peace in the valley before returning to The City.

Mystery at Ft. Leavenworth

Freedom Guard are contacted by the warden of the prison at Ft. Leavenworth. A recent dental check-up on its most dangerous prisoner, Professor Tokugawa, brought into question the real identity of the man in custody. Upon arrival, Freedom Guard discusses the situation with the warden. United States Senator Gorman busts into the meeting and voices his displeasure at Freedom Guard’s presence. The warden defends his decision to contact Freedom Guard, and the Senator leaves in a huff. Freedom Guard then go to interrogate Tokugawa in his cell. After telling the prisoner they know he isn’t Tokugawa, Freedom Guard hears a clicking sound come from the prisoner. Star Ranger (II) encases him in a force field, and “Tokugawa” explodes. Freedom Guard then calls Princess Mara at Freedom Guard HQ and asks about the whereabouts of her aunt Lyran (Tokugawa’s former lover). Mara tells them Lyran’s whereabouts are unknown. Mara then tries to contact Sea King, but she can’t reach him. Freedom Guard decides to head to the Valley of the Golden City.

Strange Rites of the Eastern Unorthodox Church of Transylvania
Bring some steaks...er, make that stakes.

Freedom Guard is contacted by Night Watcher, who warns them that the Eastern Unorthodox Church of Transylvania plans to summon a vampire prince/princess in several hours. Star Ranger, Roswell, and Miss Magician fly to the site of the ceremony- an abandoned castle in Czechoslovakia. Upon arrival Miss Magician detects that a powerful spell has been placed on the castle grounds. One aspect of the spell makes it too dangerous for her to enter. The other renders Star Ranger’s devices useless, and reduces Roswell’s powers to almost nothing. Despite this, Freedom Guard presses on. They face Frankenstein-like monsters, werewolves, ghosts, and vampires before coming upon the vampire prince summoning in progress. Star Ranger guns down an evil priestess with a .45 automatic, saving the life of an unconscious girl and disrupting the unholy ceremony.

Exploring Kaiju Island
Of Gods and Monsters

Freedom Guard and the Confronters of the Unexplained land on Alleong and begin to explore. Prof. Diane Parks is excited when she sees plants believed to be extinct, as well as flora she does not recognize. Star Ranger II flies up to reconnoiter using the Radiac-88. He is forced to shut his sensors down to avoid an overload, as the island itself registers life energy on a scale beyond the technology of the Interstellar League’s ability to measure. Meanwhile Roswell and the Confronters encounter a large humanoid mass with red eyes and a gaping mouth made of plant life. Two Confronters flee when the creature unleashes a psychic scream. Roswell and Prof. Parks stand their ground. The creature becomes enveloped with blue flame and moves toward the fleeing Confronters, but is stopped by Roswell (who is not affected by the flames). Roswell is able to calm the creature, and the flames disappear. Meanwhile Star Ranger befriends a small gryphon with lightning and mind control powers, who he calls “Bolt”. Star Ranger rejoins the group and uses the Radiac-88 to communicate with the creature, who is called “Swamp Monster”. Swamp Monster tells them he is from the Nexus of Infinite Earths, which is in the Florida Everglades. Prof. Parks and the Confronters begin to exhibit reactions to the island’s strong life energies. Roswell accompanies the Confronters to the Aurora while Star Ranger continues to talk with Swamp Monster. When near the ship, Prof. Parks has a spear erupt from her head, followed by a blinding flash of light. In the professor’s place appears a woman who identifies herself as the goddess Athena. She reads Roswell’s mind to acquaint herself with the changes to the Earth since she last walked upon it. They rejoin Star Ranger and Swamp Monster. Athena imparts information to Prof Parks, and switches bodies with her. Parks then explains that hydrogen bomb testing mutated Gozura into its current form, and created a space/time disturbance centered on Alleong. Semi-permanent links connect the island with the Nexus of Infinite Earths, Stonehenge, the Valley of the Golden City, Area 51, and the as yet undiscovered Gorilla Kingdom. The disturbance is likely to cause more large creatures to come through. Athena offers to guard the island as best she can from the divine plane. Prof Parks can summon Athena to act on the material plane, but she can not watch the island during this time. Athena says she can keep Gozura under control, probably. With Athena’s help, Swamp Monster is able to return to his home.

SOS: The Pacific Fleet!
Freedom Guard encounters a monster from a forgotten age.

The current leaders of Freedom Guard, Star Ranger (II) and Roswell, are contacted by the US Navy. They are asked to fly out to the Aurora, a research vessel that belongs to the Confronters of the Unexplained. Their leader, Professor Diane Parks, helped Roswell after he gained his powers. Prof. Parks explains that the island of Alleong is due to be the site of nuclear weapons tests in a few weeks. The island is supposed to be almost devoid of life, the result of a volcanic eruption in 1938 and a previous nuclear test in 1954. But photos of the island taken recently by spy planes show it is covered by lush vegetation. The Confronters have been called in to solve the mystery. Prof. Parks requested Freedom Guard’s assistance due to several shipping vessels that have disappeared in the area in the last two weeks. While briefing Freedom Guard, the Aurora receives a distress signal from a carrier group several hundred miles away. Star Ranger and Roswell fly to intercept, and see several sinking and burning ships, one intact destroyer, and a large reptilian creature swimming toward the destroyer. Roswell picks up a sinking battleship, and uses it to collect all the survivors stranded in the water. He then flies the ship to a nearby island, saving hundreds of lives. Meanwhile Star Ranger engages the beast after activating his invisibility device. Some well placed shots stagger the creature, but it is able to heal itself back to full strength. Roswell flies in after rescuing the sailors, and blasts the monster. This serves to focus the colossal reptile’s attention, and it strikes back with its own energy blast. Even Roswell is unable to absorb the blast’s effect, but by drawing on reserves of courage Roswell shrugs off the pain and stays in the fight. Star Ranger quickly dials up his atomic pack’s protective powers to their full level. The lone surviving naval vessel, the destroyer USS Cushing, offers to assist, but Freedom Guard orders them to retreat to safety. The monster submerges and attempts to flee underwater, but is pursued by Freedom Guard. Roswell is then knocked unconscious. Star Ranger continues to chase the monster, attempting to hit a vital spot with his photonic ray gun. The added challenge of doing this underwater causes that critical shot to elude Star Ranger. The beast then improbably strikes the invisible Star Ranger with its energy blast due to a very lucky attack. Star Ranger is then rendered unconscious. Roswell regains consciousness an hour later, followed shortly by Star Ranger. Freedom Guard returns to the Aurora and the anxious Confronters of the Unexplained, who had feared the worst. The Aurora continues to the island of Alleong, the beast’s presumed home.

Dawn of the Atomic Age.

The year is 1955. The Second World War and the Atlantean Invasion of Britain are over, and the world yearns for peace. Mankind has taken its first steps in harnessing the power of the atom, and the future seems limitless. Superpowered beings have become even more powerful, with many eclipsing all but the mightiest heroes of the last decade. But the threats facing them have grown more terrible as well. A monster from a forgotten age, awakened before the wars, grows into its terrifying adulthood. Evil masterminds continue to pervert the blessings of science into mad schemes of world domination. And from unknowable depths of time and space, jealous eyes view the blue jewel called Earth…and scheme.

The Atlantean Invasion of Britain
Freedom Guard saves one princess, and discovers another.
An attempt to control the British Isles is led by the Atlantean General Murderon in September of 1947. The initial wave of attacks is largely successful, though Murderon is captured by Freedom Guard (who were visiting due to an astrium exhibit at the Royal Museum). Freedom Guard also prevents the kidnapping of Princess Elizabeth. The Atlanteans were able to disable any technological devices with a beam developed by Dr Julius Sivana. Billy Sparks, Boy Genius quickly invented a countermeasure, and the Atlanteans were beaten back. Freedom Guard learns the blue-skinned baby rescued from the lair of Professor Tokugawa before World War 2 is Princess Mara, rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. Information provided by an Atlantean officer loyal to Princess Mara pinpoints the location of the Atlanteans’ industrial center. The Indestructible Man pilots a small sub with an atomic bomb to the factories and destroys them, but he is nowhere to be found afterwards.
Blitzkrieg in the Bay!
Freedom Guard helps win the war in the Pacific.

Freedom Guard enlists the help of Night Watcher shortly after thwarting The Maroon‘s attack on a clown convention. Night Watcher’s investigations reveal an attack on the nearby naval base. Night Watcher alerts Freedom Guard, who arrive just as an Axis attack is in motion. Star Ranger (I), Billy Sparks, Boy Genius, Miss Magician, and Gold Eagle face off against two walking tanks, as well as the supervillains Day Knight and IndiGoRilla. Billy Sparks and Miss Magician quickly immobilize the tanks, but it takes longer to stop the tanks’ weaponry. IndiGoRilla goes berserk at the sight of Billy Sparks, but is frustrated because Billy stays out of reach by using his flight suit. It falls to Star Ranger to put the beast down. Missiles carried by one tank explode after a hit from one of Gold Eagle’s grenades. Day Knight is caught in the blast, and killed. Captain Blitzkrieg shows up immediately afterward, and swears to avenge Day Knight. Blitzkrieg escapes, but IndiGoRilla and a tank are captured. Freedom Guard’s efforts prevent the destruction of an aircraft carrier.


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