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The Maroon Deals Out Death!

The Maroon invites Freedom Guard to his attack on a card club.

Freedom Guard receives a riddle that leads them to suspect an attack on a new card club in The City, All Hands on Deck. The club is owned by the Spagoni mob, which is led by Salvatore Spagoni. The club is located on the pier in Fisherman’s Wharf. Star Ranger (I) enters the club as his civilian identity, private detective Alfred Centauri. Billy Sparks, Boy Genius enters as well, hidden by his invisibility belt. The “club” turns out to be a full-fledged casino, watched over by several uniformed police officers. Star Ranger is on his way to warn Salvatore Spagoni when a brightly colored tugboat crashes into the club. Garishly dressed thugs then turn a flamethrower on the crowd, roasting Salvatore Spagoni and most of his entourage. The Maroon reveals himself as one of the patrons after Star Ranger changes into his hero ID. But despite the Maroon and the later assault of a light tank (which may have been a Professor Tokugawa creation), Freedom Guard is able to halt the attack. The Maroon is able to escape, however. Freedom Guard is able to question one of the Maroon’s thugs thanks to quick-thinking by Billy.



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