RJS Comics Group

The Atlantean Invasion of Britain

Freedom Guard saves one princess, and discovers another.

An attempt to control the British Isles is led by the Atlantean General Murderon in September of 1947. The initial wave of attacks is largely successful, though Murderon is captured by Freedom Guard (who were visiting due to an astrium exhibit at the Royal Museum). Freedom Guard also prevents the kidnapping of Princess Elizabeth. The Atlanteans were able to disable any technological devices with a beam developed by Dr Julius Sivana. Billy Sparks, Boy Genius quickly invented a countermeasure, and the Atlanteans were beaten back. Freedom Guard learns the blue-skinned baby rescued from the lair of Professor Tokugawa before World War 2 is Princess Mara, rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. Information provided by an Atlantean officer loyal to Princess Mara pinpoints the location of the Atlanteans’ industrial center. The Indestructible Man pilots a small sub with an atomic bomb to the factories and destroys them, but he is nowhere to be found afterwards.



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