RJS Comics Group

Sunset of the Rising Son

Dude...your boss is a monkey?

Star Ranger (II), Roswell , and Princess Mara fly to the Valley of the Golden City. They discover that Professor Tokugawa‘s men have captured Sea King and his advanced submarine, the Sea Ray. The Sea Ray is moored on the island of the City, and is being retrofitted. A factory on the shore across the lake has been constructed. A large submersible aircraft carrier, named the Rising Sun, is moored next to it. This factory is extracting astrium from metal ripped from the walls of buildings in the Golden City. As Star Ranger flies over for a closer look, he is contacted by Colonel Kleeg of the Interstellar League. Kleeg informs Star Ranger they will have a meeting in two weeks, and that he expects Star Ranger to bring a complete collection of Earth fruits for Kleeg to sample. Upon closer inspection, Star Ranger discovers the crew of the Sea Ray is working under some form of mind control on the sub. The factory is guarded by several small mechs. The Golden City has some small mechs, and one very large one. Star Ranger is discovered, and he flies back to Roswell and Princess Mara. The trio then returns to the City. Roswell makes an attack on the factory, while Star Ranger and Mara travel to the Sea Ray underwater. Roswell dispatches nearly a dozen mechs in short order. Four jets arrive overhead to aid Tokugawa’s forces, but are largely ineffective in the ensuing battle. Roswell heads to the City proper as Star Ranger and Mara emerge next to the Sea Ray. Mara is tasked with securing the safety of the crew, while Star Ranger and Roswell attack the mechs. The large mech’s pilot identifies itself as the Super Mega Warrior Garkozon, as Roswell grapples with it. Star Ranger is knocked out due to the sudden appearance of MalevoLance, who is seeking revenge on Freedom Guard for the death of his brother Day Knight. Roswell tosses the Garkozon across the lake into the Rising Sun, destroying both vehicles. This also kills the Garkozon’s pilot, Tokugawa Darkon, who was the son of Tokugawa and Mara’s evil aunt Llyran. Roswell then attacks MalevoLance hand-to-hand instead of with energy blasts, much to the energy-absorbing chagrin of MalevoLance. A rocket then launches from the island, which Roswell easily captures. It contains Dr. Julius Sivana, who had designed the mind-control device used on the crew of the Sea Ray. Professor Tokugawa is out of the area aboard the Musashi. Freedom Guard is able to restore peace in the valley before returning to The City.



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