RJS Comics Group

Strange Rites of the Eastern Unorthodox Church of Transylvania

Bring some steaks...er, make that stakes.

Freedom Guard is contacted by Night Watcher, who warns them that the Eastern Unorthodox Church of Transylvania plans to summon a vampire prince/princess in several hours. Star Ranger, Roswell, and Miss Magician fly to the site of the ceremony- an abandoned castle in Czechoslovakia. Upon arrival Miss Magician detects that a powerful spell has been placed on the castle grounds. One aspect of the spell makes it too dangerous for her to enter. The other renders Star Ranger’s devices useless, and reduces Roswell’s powers to almost nothing. Despite this, Freedom Guard presses on. They face Frankenstein-like monsters, werewolves, ghosts, and vampires before coming upon the vampire prince summoning in progress. Star Ranger guns down an evil priestess with a .45 automatic, saving the life of an unconscious girl and disrupting the unholy ceremony.



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