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SOS: The Pacific Fleet!

Freedom Guard encounters a monster from a forgotten age.

The current leaders of Freedom Guard, Star Ranger (II) and Roswell, are contacted by the US Navy. They are asked to fly out to the Aurora, a research vessel that belongs to the Confronters of the Unexplained. Their leader, Professor Diane Parks, helped Roswell after he gained his powers. Prof. Parks explains that the island of Alleong is due to be the site of nuclear weapons tests in a few weeks. The island is supposed to be almost devoid of life, the result of a volcanic eruption in 1938 and a previous nuclear test in 1954. But photos of the island taken recently by spy planes show it is covered by lush vegetation. The Confronters have been called in to solve the mystery. Prof. Parks requested Freedom Guard’s assistance due to several shipping vessels that have disappeared in the area in the last two weeks. While briefing Freedom Guard, the Aurora receives a distress signal from a carrier group several hundred miles away. Star Ranger and Roswell fly to intercept, and see several sinking and burning ships, one intact destroyer, and a large reptilian creature swimming toward the destroyer. Roswell picks up a sinking battleship, and uses it to collect all the survivors stranded in the water. He then flies the ship to a nearby island, saving hundreds of lives. Meanwhile Star Ranger engages the beast after activating his invisibility device. Some well placed shots stagger the creature, but it is able to heal itself back to full strength. Roswell flies in after rescuing the sailors, and blasts the monster. This serves to focus the colossal reptile’s attention, and it strikes back with its own energy blast. Even Roswell is unable to absorb the blast’s effect, but by drawing on reserves of courage Roswell shrugs off the pain and stays in the fight. Star Ranger quickly dials up his atomic pack’s protective powers to their full level. The lone surviving naval vessel, the destroyer USS Cushing, offers to assist, but Freedom Guard orders them to retreat to safety. The monster submerges and attempts to flee underwater, but is pursued by Freedom Guard. Roswell is then knocked unconscious. Star Ranger continues to chase the monster, attempting to hit a vital spot with his photonic ray gun. The added challenge of doing this underwater causes that critical shot to elude Star Ranger. The beast then improbably strikes the invisible Star Ranger with its energy blast due to a very lucky attack. Star Ranger is then rendered unconscious. Roswell regains consciousness an hour later, followed shortly by Star Ranger. Freedom Guard returns to the Aurora and the anxious Confronters of the Unexplained, who had feared the worst. The Aurora continues to the island of Alleong, the beast’s presumed home.


Wait a minute . . . Alleong? Isn’t that the island formerly occupied by Professor Tokugawa? Isn’t it the gateway to Kashera’s homeland?

SOS: The Pacific Fleet!

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