RJS Comics Group

Rise of the IndiGoRilla!

Freedom Guard (mostly) stops Dr. Monroe's scheme.

Freedom Guard tracks the evil Dr. Monroe down to a warehouse on the docks of The City. A signal emanates from the warehouse shortly after they arrive, but Billy Sparks, Boy Genius jams it. (This prevents birdmen from being summoned to the warehouse). Billy and Star Ranger (I) assault the warehouse. They find a few scientists are performing an operation involving Dr Windom Monroe and a large gorilla. This experiment is guarded by many ratmen. Billy hits the operating theater with a nullification beam at a critical juncture, preventing the complete transfer of Monroe’s mind. Freedom Guard attacks, and have a difficult time at first with the tough ratmen. Star Ranger then turns the tide by using vehicles, barrels, and the ratmens’ own bodies as weapons. While fighting near the operating theater, Star Ranger is attacked by the gorilla. It has Monroe’s mind, but it lacks nearly all higher brain functions. It’s fur has been turned an indigo color by the strange energies unleashed by the failed mind transfer. Enraged by the knowledge his mind is ruined, the IndiGoRilla unleashes his fury on Star Ranger. But Star Ranger is able to defeat the beast, and the IndiGoRilla is held in a zoo. Later, the IndiGoRilla tears apart a zoo keeper named Billy, as that name sends him into an uncontrollable rage.



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