RJS Comics Group

Mystery at Ft. Leavenworth


Freedom Guard are contacted by the warden of the prison at Ft. Leavenworth. A recent dental check-up on its most dangerous prisoner, Professor Tokugawa, brought into question the real identity of the man in custody. Upon arrival, Freedom Guard discusses the situation with the warden. United States Senator Gorman busts into the meeting and voices his displeasure at Freedom Guard’s presence. The warden defends his decision to contact Freedom Guard, and the Senator leaves in a huff. Freedom Guard then go to interrogate Tokugawa in his cell. After telling the prisoner they know he isn’t Tokugawa, Freedom Guard hears a clicking sound come from the prisoner. Star Ranger (II) encases him in a force field, and “Tokugawa” explodes. Freedom Guard then calls Princess Mara at Freedom Guard HQ and asks about the whereabouts of her aunt Lyran (Tokugawa’s former lover). Mara tells them Lyran’s whereabouts are unknown. Mara then tries to contact Sea King, but she can’t reach him. Freedom Guard decides to head to the Valley of the Golden City.



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