RJS Comics Group

Mars Attacks! (?)


Colonel Kleeg of the Interstellar League meets with Star Ranger II aboard the Invisocruiser. The Colonel is disappointed that Star Ranger did not bring any tomatoes with the other fruits, but Kleeg is mightily pleased with the bananas. Kleeg warns Star Ranger that he is not allowed to interfere in local politics, such as taking sides in a war. “Local” means Earth’s entire Solar System, according to the code of the Interstellar League. Star Ranger tells Kleeg he respects the rules of the League, but will not stand idle if he witnesses injustice. Kleeg departs after a final warning.

A few days later the world is stunned by a radio broadcast from Mars! The Martians issue demands for Earth to surrender to Martian rule, and warn that a fleet of spaceships is en route to Earth. Star Ranger is suspicious, as he has been to Mars and seen no signs of life. Star Ranger and Roswell confer with the United Nations, then head into space aboard the Invisocruiser to intercept the Martian fleet. Shortly after leaving Earth orbit Star Ranger is warned by his ship’s systems to stand down. Star Ranger refuses, and all of the devices supplied by the Interstellar League shut down, including the cruiser’s life support. With oxygen levels slipping to zero, Star Ranger begins to fall unconscious. In this state he finds himself standing before the goddess Athena, who tells him Earth needs a champion to help stop the impending invasion. Athena tells Star Ranger to speak the word “Ahazam” to receive the power needed to act as that champion. He does, and is transformed into the Star Marvel, the Solar System’s Mightiest Mortal. Roswell and Star Marvel destroy the invasion fleet. In the process they learn the “Martians” are actually Grifterians, aliens from another section of the Milky Way known as galactic con artists. The Star Marvel returns to being Star Ranger once the crisis is past.



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