RJS Comics Group

Exploring Kaiju Island

Of Gods and Monsters

Freedom Guard and the Confronters of the Unexplained land on Alleong and begin to explore. Prof. Diane Parks is excited when she sees plants believed to be extinct, as well as flora she does not recognize. Star Ranger II flies up to reconnoiter using the Radiac-88. He is forced to shut his sensors down to avoid an overload, as the island itself registers life energy on a scale beyond the technology of the Interstellar League’s ability to measure. Meanwhile Roswell and the Confronters encounter a large humanoid mass with red eyes and a gaping mouth made of plant life. Two Confronters flee when the creature unleashes a psychic scream. Roswell and Prof. Parks stand their ground. The creature becomes enveloped with blue flame and moves toward the fleeing Confronters, but is stopped by Roswell (who is not affected by the flames). Roswell is able to calm the creature, and the flames disappear. Meanwhile Star Ranger befriends a small gryphon with lightning and mind control powers, who he calls “Bolt”. Star Ranger rejoins the group and uses the Radiac-88 to communicate with the creature, who is called “Swamp Monster”. Swamp Monster tells them he is from the Nexus of Infinite Earths, which is in the Florida Everglades. Prof. Parks and the Confronters begin to exhibit reactions to the island’s strong life energies. Roswell accompanies the Confronters to the Aurora while Star Ranger continues to talk with Swamp Monster. When near the ship, Prof. Parks has a spear erupt from her head, followed by a blinding flash of light. In the professor’s place appears a woman who identifies herself as the goddess Athena. She reads Roswell’s mind to acquaint herself with the changes to the Earth since she last walked upon it. They rejoin Star Ranger and Swamp Monster. Athena imparts information to Prof Parks, and switches bodies with her. Parks then explains that hydrogen bomb testing mutated Gozura into its current form, and created a space/time disturbance centered on Alleong. Semi-permanent links connect the island with the Nexus of Infinite Earths, Stonehenge, the Valley of the Golden City, Area 51, and the as yet undiscovered Gorilla Kingdom. The disturbance is likely to cause more large creatures to come through. Athena offers to guard the island as best she can from the divine plane. Prof Parks can summon Athena to act on the material plane, but she can not watch the island during this time. Athena says she can keep Gozura under control, probably. With Athena’s help, Swamp Monster is able to return to his home.



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