RJS Comics Group

Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

Learn who becomes the Big Top Clown!

After questioning one of The Maroon‘s thugs after the attack on All Hands on Deck, Freedom Guard is presented with more riddles. One riddle’s answer suggests the Maroon is in league with Captain Blitzkrieg. The other indicates he plans to set fire to a location filled with clowns. Freedom Guard then heads to a clown convention being held in The City, which is sponsored by Duke Boodoo’s Clown College. Freedom Guard talks to Duke Boodoo, and learn the Maroon tried to join the clown college a few months back. Boodoo turned him down because he wasn’t funny. Boodoo mentions that an exhibition is taking place that day, where the participants show off their best gags. The winner is presented the Big Top Clown trophy. Freedom Guard mingle with the crowd at the exhibition, disguised as clowns. A small car comes in, and six clowns dressed like the Maroon’s thugs exit. Star Ranger (I) moves to attack shortly after the sixth clown exits. Billy Sparks, Boy Genius fires his panic inducer beam, which scares off the Maroon’s thugs in short order. It also hits Mister Scorch before he exits the car, and instills in Scorch a fear of clowns. The Maroon enters the fray shortly thereafter as well. Scorch is eventually defeated with no loss of life and only minimal property damage. Scorch is taken into custody, but the Maroon manages to slip away. Duke Boodoo presents Freedom Guard with the Big Top Clown trophy in gratitude for saving the clowns.



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