RJS Comics Group

Blitzkrieg in the Bay!

Freedom Guard helps win the war in the Pacific.

Freedom Guard enlists the help of Night Watcher shortly after thwarting The Maroon‘s attack on a clown convention. Night Watcher’s investigations reveal an attack on the nearby naval base. Night Watcher alerts Freedom Guard, who arrive just as an Axis attack is in motion. Star Ranger (I), Billy Sparks, Boy Genius, Miss Magician, and Gold Eagle face off against two walking tanks, as well as the supervillains Day Knight and IndiGoRilla. Billy Sparks and Miss Magician quickly immobilize the tanks, but it takes longer to stop the tanks’ weaponry. IndiGoRilla goes berserk at the sight of Billy Sparks, but is frustrated because Billy stays out of reach by using his flight suit. It falls to Star Ranger to put the beast down. Missiles carried by one tank explode after a hit from one of Gold Eagle’s grenades. Day Knight is caught in the blast, and killed. Captain Blitzkrieg shows up immediately afterward, and swears to avenge Day Knight. Blitzkrieg escapes, but IndiGoRilla and a tank are captured. Freedom Guard’s efforts prevent the destruction of an aircraft carrier.



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